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Me Nov 2015By God’s grace, I have nurtured a walk with God since the tender age of seven. My love for writing began as a child and continued throughout my teenage years when I discovered my love for poetry and songwriting. As others encouraged me to write, I found that God gave me the ability to communicate most effectively this way. It has never been about the accolades; it’s just that writing is in my blood! I also have a strong desire to help God’s afflicted through realistic teachings based on scripture. I love Jesus because He first loved me and gave Himself for me. If I had to summarize this blog in a quote, I would have to borrow John Calvin’s quote which says this: “A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet would remain silent.” The Bible verse which summarizes the theme of this blog would be Colossians 2:8 which states: “Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.” God bless you.

In His Service,

Maranda M.

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  1. Victor says:


  2. Ana says:

    Can I send you a private email?? I’m in a depression and anxiety..

  3. Estera Gheju says:

    Googled fear and anxiety late in the night when despite a journey of great restoration and deliverance this past year I still am troubled by fear night after night, and had enough. I realised I am not fighting well. Your writing is a huge blessing, spot on, offering lots of material, reminding me and just used by God to minister much grace. Thank you for the labour of love. Much much blessings to you. I will pass it on. Estera

  4. jilgitf says:

    It’s so nice to find another Christian sister blogger! I have my own blog but haven’t done much with it lately. See, my pastor had a double stroke and for 9 months we were without a pastor, during the 9 months i wrote 2 christian short books (they are on amazon) and started my blog.
    Then we got a new pastor. He’s very strong in the king James bible-which to me is awesome since i believe the kjv is the only bible- but he doesn’t believe women should speak in church unless we take care of kids in the nursery or assist with the baptisms by cleaning up the water and if we do teach, we can only teach to other women. I gave him copies of my 2 short books and i guess he never read them..because im a woman…this greatly disturbs me and confuses me but most of all, its stolen my excitement of speaking out about my God and telling others why my bible is so right! I only want to do right by my God so if speaking out isn’t allowed, i won’t but i just can’t believe God would give me the abiltiy to extract things from His word that fit relevant happenings in this world AND then not allow me to speak out! Can you help me find this happy medium that will allow me to follow my bible and still be able to feel like I’m doing God’s will by writing and telling the world about my God?
    Signed: 😕 confused

    • Thank you for your nice comment and support. I do understand your pastor’s concerns and also see how you could be confused. The way I personally view it (in light of scripture) is that a woman can teach other women and children for sure… but she is not to usurp the authority of the male or leader of the church. If he gives her permission to speak, I personally do not feel that is sin – but if she runs her own show (so to speak) I think that may be a different story. I feel that the main leader of the church should be a male since the Bible gives instructions only to the male for leadership in the church (see Titus 1). However, if he gives permission, perhaps it would be okay for a lady to testify or teach a truth under the pastor’s authority and God’s authority. Also, a blog is a little different because I/we are not leaders of a church instructing a flock as a shepherd; we are merely stating truths which we have learned – take it or leave it. Remember, Priscilla and Aquila (husband and WIFE) who helped expound on God’s word to the Apostle so he’d be more prepared to preach? That was a good thing. Although the wife did not run a church, she still had a Godly influence (see Acts 18:26, 2nd Timothy 4:19). In the last days, the Bible says that the sons and daughters would prophecy (see Acts 2:17). I hope this helps bring some clarification.

  5. uncmn1 says:

    Hi Maranda, I’m Barbara. Discovered your wonderful blog today and what a blessing it is! I had even thought about writing a book “Cult of Death” about the Devil’s workings in our world today, but people talked me out of it (too dangerous, etc.) I have so much to say about this matter, and here, you are saying it for me. Bless you, Maranda, in sharing this wonderful truth of God’s Word for our evil-stricken world today. Blessings in Jesus name,

  6. mazmagi54 says:

    Thank you so much for speaking the Truth from Scriptures. I linked to your article today about “chain letters” {excellent and well done} and such to my adopted daughter, who sent me one … and the hairs on my neck went up … I knew this but I wanted her to read from someone else (not just a mom’s warning) but God’s! I’ve bookmarked your blog and will consider you when looking for truth being revealed besides God’s Word. I “liked” your article but I also wanted you to know I “thank you” and hope you continue to light the way to God through Jesus. I don’t do Facebook but I think hers came through FB with “Jesus coming soon” (which I believe although we do not know the day or the hour) … your article was spot on. My love for Jesus or belief is not centered on whether I “pass this on” to 18 friends and this one also had something to say about “ashamed of Christ” which I’m not and “denying God” (Whoa!) … anyways, I hope she read it. Thank you for being a voice in the wilderness.

    Bless you (in Jesus’ name),

    • What a blessing your comment was to me! Thank you so much for your kind support of my blog. To God be the glory. Many blessings!!

    • uncmn1 says:

      Yes, I get these “chain letters” on Facebook often. Such a slap in the face to our Almighty Lord. I have learned how to block the site from which they originate. I also comment kindly to the poster about the fact that God does not operate this way. PS: How do I delete a recent comment, Maranda? I just commented about mermaids and then decided, maybe I shouldn’t have. Tend to say things I shouldn’t sometimes. Thanks.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I was wondering if it would be possible to ask a question through email. Would there be anyway to contact you?

    I wanted to ask a Biblical question important to me, but I would like to keep it somewhat private.

    • @Jennifer – Absolutely. I will send you an e-mail to the address you used to comment under on this blog. It is only visible to me (as moderator) – so no worries about it being seen by others. Please check your Spam mail also in case my e-mail might accidentally go to that folder. I will send you an e-mail now and you can reply at your leisure.

  8. Dwight Young says:

    Hi Maranda, thx for ur article. It’s interesting. I’m one of the few that believes God doesn’t allow divorce for any reason… I don’t think the “exception clause” means what u or most people think it means. U can’t take a word like pornia and plug in all possible meanings from strongs in each context. I believe that parenthetical phrase in kjv ment something that was well known at the time and in the culture. It could of been refering to an illegal marriage as john the baptist condemned Herod for. Or, it could have been an area of uncleanness, as deuteronomy 4 mentions and Joseph considered with Mary. But I don’t believe it provieds a “license” for divorce for all the possible meanings of pornia. Be interested in ur analysis of this view.


  9. Marlys says:

    I was looking for info as to whether or not it was/is a sin for a Christian woman to wear animal print shoes and/or purses. Still not clear from your article.

    However, I decided to comment on your statement: “Of all my accomplishments the one which I cherish the most is my decision to accept Christ as my Savior.”

    Please allow me to share something that I learned just last year about salvation. Salvation is NEVER an accomplishment! It’s a GIFT! YOU did NOT decide to accept Christ as your Savior! YOU COULD NOT MAKE THAT DECISION! (John 6:44,65) HE CHOSE YOU! (John 15:26, Eph 1:4) and HE REVEALED (Matt. 16:15-26,) Himself to YOU as Saviour and REVEALED Himself IN you! (Gal 1:15-16) PLUS, He GAVE you the faith to believe in Him as Saviour! But it did NOT begin with YOUR decision! This is true for EVERYONE who is truly saved! This is the EXQUISITE, GLORIOUS beauty of GOD’S SALVATION! HE does it ALL!

    For DECADES I thought I was saved b/c of MY prayer asking Jesus into my heart, not realizing that by the time I had prayed that prayer, I was ALREADY SAVED BY GOD HIMSELF! MY prayer to God was just the RESULT of HIS HAVING ALREADY SAVED ME buy His Grace which gave me faith! (Eph. 2:9)
    After 40-plus years of wrong teaching, God, in His great mercy and perfect timing, revealed this to me through TRUE GOSPEL preaching!

    TRAGICALLY, most pastors are not preaching this BIBLICAL fact, but it’s all in the Bible! Look at those Scripture verses!

    I can only give thanks to the Lord for leading me to a true GOSPEL preacher- In fact a few Gospel preachers–to help deliver me from this debilitating false belief that I am saved, because I “made a decision for Christ!” It has been such a relief to learn that my salvation and faith in Christ STARTS -and finishes with Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith (Heb 12:2)!

    Faith is NOT an accomplishment–it’s a GIFT that is DISCOVERED through a REVELATION TO you of Christ IN you! (Gal. 1:15-16) Once you see this, it is likely that you will have an assurance in your salvation you’ve never had before, b/c you’ll see that your salvation is rock solid on what HE did–not on what YOU did! If your salvation is dependent on YOU, then keeping out also depends on YOU! To me, that it’s a scary thought, especially since I’ve made some serious sins AFTER I became saved! Satan really worked me over, b/c I didn’t understand in WHOM my salvation was rooted! NOW I know!

    May this have its intended effect upon your understanding.

    • @Marlys: I greatly appreciate you taking the time to comment. Firstly, allow me to direct you to my article to see if this will clarify your question about the animal-print clothing. See here:
      Also, if this doesn’t clarify it or if you’ve already read this, I will say that there is no prohibition, biblically, against wearing animal-print whatsoever and it is not a sin to wear it. The aforementioned article was merely stating how some high profile people (celebrities) can use certain things as outward symbols. However, for you and I – I see nothing wrong with wearing animal-print; in fact, I own a couple of clothing items with this print. Always follow the Lord’s leading for your life, though.

      Also, I am grateful you brought out what I originally posted on my “About Me” page. I did not intend for it to sound as if I were taking credit (because I certainly do not – God gets all the glory), but you are right – it does come across that way. I am sorry. I will change it. I also want us to remember Romans 6:15 and Romans 10:10 as we keep this thought in balance. Thanks again and may God bless you always.

  10. Renea says:

    Hi, I’m wondering what your take is on “The Last Hybrid” series of book. It’s been back and forth on the best seller list and seems to be very popular with teenage girls. It’s written by Lee Wilson about a nephilim type character and the next book is out soon. I saw it on my 15 year old daughter’s nightstand so I’d appreciate your thoughts.

    • @Renea: Thank you for your question… I am sorry but I have not researched this particular book series. However, my advice would be to review this book and if there are any uneasy feelings about it whatsoever, it would be best if you explained to your daughter why she should not read it. It’s great that you are being a proactive and responsible parent. God bless you as He guides you. Please reply if you have any further questions… I will try to answer as best as I can.

      • @Renea: Also, I forgot to mention – the limited “quick look” I saw about this book seemed to raise many red flags for me. In the book, there is cutting – which is self-mutilation. Also, there are paranormal ideas in this book. Personally – I would advise to abstain from reading this book.

  11. Tina E. says:

    Hi there, I have only read one of your blogs ( Starbucks emblem ) and this was interesting. Thank you for revealing the truth… comment I received when I mentioned your article was, ” Where did you read this….in a christian website?” Maranda, of course we know that the secular world would never reveal the truth to us…….

  12. Don says:

    check out “Mermaids : Body Of Evidence ” on youtube. They are real ! I believe these are the offspring of the fallen angels reproducing with humans as in the days of Noah. There is actual video footage of mermaids . I believe these are marine spirits. I will try not to drink Starbucks anymore. Its not easy, I have been drinking it for years . I know God will give me the strength to resist. ! Monster Energy drinks symbol represents 666.! God help us to see ! Keep up the good work, we cannot afford to be ignorant of the devices of the enemy !

  13. Tina Garrett says:

    i was a backslider & i’m now trying 2 get my life right w GOD…i just recently come across ur site…i’ve only gotten 2 of ur blogs under my belt cuz i read it, reference the scriptures u have, then write my own notes…GIRL!, i luv ur work…i enjoy the easy, down-to-earth, honest way that u write, while also including scriptures…i plan 2 read everything that u have…KEEP IT UP!!!

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