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Dreaming of Heaven

on May 29, 2016

I had never seen anything quite like it. A blizzard – so intense that you could barely see your hand before your face. The furious wind whipped the snowflakes around in the sky. And the cold – it was so intensely cold as the freezing winds blew. Visibility was very low, but I noticed a clearing in the sky that cut through the downpour of snow. The dreary, gray sky turned into all shades of beautiful pastels. The sky was softly lit with shades of golden yellow, baby pink, and lilac.

Then, to my amazement, the sky seemed to animate. The fluffy white clouds billowed until they unfolded, as it were, to reveal an ivory staircase. Amidst this beauty unfolding before my eyes, I didn’t even notice the cold snow swirling around me. I was in awe and intrigued by what my eyes beheld. It was a jaw-dropping scene; but it was about to become even more awe-inspiring.

To my shock and amazement, I saw Jesus walking down the ivory steps toward me. It was as if time stood still. He didn’t look down at the steps as He walked, but His loving eyes were fixated upon me. He had a look of love upon His face that made me feel completely accepted and cherished by Him. The wind blew His hair and robe as He walked triumphantly toward me. Then, He began to speak.

He talked to me for a while, but I guess I was in such a state of shock that I couldn’t retain some of what He said. However, I vividly remember Him desiring for His children to never lose sight of Heaven. He advised: “Keep your minds on Heaven. Keep your eye on the prize and do not get diverted so easily. I want my children to be more Heavenly-minded and not lose sight of the Heavenly, eternal goal. Think of Heaven more often – in fact, think of it daily. Do not get too preoccupied or busy that you stop meditating on Heaven or lose hope. Never lose sight of this goal.”

And just like that – I woke up from this incredible dream. The timing of the dream was amazing. It came following an anxious night of worry and care; when in my grief, I cried out to the Lord to speak to me some word of comfort and hope. Although this was just a dream, I could feel His immense love. I knew that, somehow, this was meant to encourage me – and now, I know it was to encourage you too.

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4 responses to “Dreaming of Heaven

  1. Colleen says:

    Absolutely encouraging, beautiful, and inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

  2. Kimberly Dunn says:

    Very beautiful!

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