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Pseudo-Christianity Will Not Stand

on January 14, 2015

For several years now, I have been appalled at the lack of holiness and zeal amongst many who claim to be Christian. Why have they become so worldy and lax? I had no intention of writing a poem, but the words flowed from my heart so easily; that’s why I truly believe it to be God-inspired. However, please take note that this poem was not written in a haughty way, as to put myself upon a pedestal of perfection. Rather, I wrote it – being deeply grieved over the state of most professing Christians as well as the state of most pulpits. Oh stand strong, you faithful few!

Search your heart as you read…

Pseudo-Christianity Will Not Stand

by Maranda M. 

‘It’s old-fashioned to be reverent before a holy God’

They push this thought upon the masses, behind their modern facade

We’ve traded communion; the cup, and the broken bread

For coffee and doughnuts in the sanctuary, instead

No need to follow scripture, just do your own thing

In hopes that church attendance will somehow appease the King

No worries about clubbing, or drinking alcohol and beer

We’ll distort scripture to cover that – there’s no need to fear

Have fun on Friday nights at the casinos and concert halls

God wants us to be happy – right? So, go have a ball!

Laugh at dirty jokes, and you might even want to tell a few

Swear, curse, and lie – most everybody else does that too

As long as you look the part, no one will ever know

That you’re a two-faced hypocrite who can put on quite a show

Tell all your worldly friends they’re going to Heaven too

No need to be holy – just do what you want to do

Your week has been Godless, without the Bible or prayer

But others think you’re a Christian by this mask that you wear

The first strum of the guitar and your hands are raised high

In praise, you sing “I’m Free” – but God knows that’s a lie

The lifestyle of sin… you just will not let it go

You say, “Heaven… of course!” but you won’t walk the narrow road

You want the crown without the cross, with popularity, riches, and fame

You think you’re a saint, but can’t you see – you’re blind, naked, and lame?

Morality only goes so far, but Jesus’ blood is what it takes

To cleanse us from all sin, for our eternal soul’s sake

Heaven is not the default, for unholiness won’t abide there

Pseudo-Christianity won’t stand, on that day when your soul is laid bare

So enough with the facade and the secret life that you hide

Get real before God, He will forgive and bring new life

You may know of Him, but does He know of you?

Do you walk the narrow road with the faithful and the few?

Christ’s true church is glorious and makes a beautiful bride

She represents her Savior well, Who has given her eternal life


4 responses to “Pseudo-Christianity Will Not Stand

  1. Mike Simmons says:

    Very true and much needed!l

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  3. Kimberly Dunn says:

    Very God-inspired poem and so true!

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