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Christian Resources

“Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God…”

1st Chronicles 22:19

Internet Resources: (listen daily to read through the Bible in a year! You can download the Daily Audio Bible app from iTunes to your smart device.) (a great website with background nature sounds and pretty photos to relax by.) (a blog where you can type questions or concerns to the e-mail and a Christian counselor will respond within 72 hours.) (a great Bible study tool with dictionary, different versions of the Bible, etc.) (Christian apparel as well as FREE music downloads, Facebook profile pics, PC wallpapers, Cell phone wallpapers, Firefox skins, Twitter backgrounds, and much more!) (a great resource of sermons from the past to the present.)

Book Resources:

(I’m not much of a reader – that is why this category is scarce. However, the books listed are ones I highly recommend.)

~ Fear Not (By: Carter Conlon)

~ The Cross and the Switchblade (By: David Wilkerson)

~ The Holy Bible (Of course!!)

~Why Revival Tarries (By: Leonard Ravenhill)

~Sober Saints (By Keith Malcomson)

You may also read free books by Zac Poonen at his website:


Movie/Video Resources:

(There are some good and not so good teachings on YouTube… below, I have listed the people who teach the Word of God with passion and truth. Simply go to the YouTube website and type their name in the search bar. If you can’t find much on YouTube, do a Google search for these ministers of the Gospel. Some sermons are in video format, others are in audio or text format. I have listed them in random order.)

~Keith Daniel

~Zac Poonen

~Carter Conlon

~Paul Washer

~Tim Conway

~John Piper

~A.W. Tozer

~Leonard Ravenhill

~Charles H. Spurgeon

~Hudson Taylor

~Jim Cymbala

~Francis Chan

~Dr. Charles Stanley

~David Wilkerson

~D.L. Moody

This is not an exhaustive list – but I hope it helps get you started. God bless!!

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