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The Journey

on November 20, 2012

This is a spiritual key; lock it in your soul: No two journeys are alike. They all begin and end at different times. No two people are ever on the same journey, whether they are married, siblings, best friends, or even Siamese twins… everyone has a different journey. A journey consist of more than merely walking a path – it consists of spiritual depth, life experiences, how they are perceived, and so much more. Journeys are not to be compared either. One journey may be through the sunny archway of trees, with birds singing to cheer the sojourner on their way; while another journey may be through unpaved, treacherous gravel roads with no hint of sunlight or life. Either way, it is the journey through all phases (whether good, bad, or ugly) that gets us to our destination.

To whom much is given, much is required. More may be required of you on your journey than is required of your fellow man. More perseverance, more faith, more strength, more determination. It is not wise to compare your journey with his; for his journey, although seemingly lovely, will not add to him the depth of faith and character as yours will. There is a destiny. The Lord promised to make our crooked paths straight and to pave the uphill, treacherous road before us.  But maybe, we are not to that promised land yet. We must hold on through the bewilderment of the path to get to our destiny; our smooth, paved road.

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