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A Predestined Miracle

on June 25, 2012

This blog entry is my personal testimony of how God has worked miraculously. I am amazed at how much God loves and cares for us. It is my prayer that this testimony will encourage you during the hard times of life.


“A Predestined Miracle”

God saw what I couldn’t see… He saw into the future and comforted me ahead of time. The phone rang at 3:30am Saturday morning. We knew something must have been terribly wrong. It was my beloved Great-Aunt Billie; she was barely able to breathe and needed urgent help. Since she lives alone and is 83 years of age, we were very concerned for her. We rushed up to her house to help her and to call an ambulance. We didn’t see this coming.

When we arrived, she was turning gray and did not look well. We were very blessed that the ambulance arrived quickly and whisked her away to the hospital. We followed the ambulance to the hospital, praying the entire way. After a series of tests, we were surprised to learn that she’d had a minor heart attack and pneumonia. The fact that the heart attack was minor was a miracle in and of itself. You see, she had a 95% blockage of the “Widow-Maker” artery in her heart. Most people with this type of blockage do not get a second chance. With this high amount of blockage, it normally results in a massive, deadly heart attack of which CPR will not help. In fact, well-known news anchor, Tim Russert, died from this very thing. 

Needless to say, Billie was quickly scheduled for a heart stent on Monday. The Sunday morning before surgery, Billie told me something very sweet. She said that her angel came to the hospital to sing to her. She knew his voice since he had sang to her at home on several occasions. She said he had the softest, prettiest voice. That morning, he sang, “Because He Lives.” He sang to her, “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know He holds the future. And life is worth the living just because He lives…” Truly, because our Savior lives, she was able to face tomorrow. Her surgery went well and she said that she was not fearful or nervous at all. She could face this uncertain future with peace because the Savior lives!

All went well and she was released from the hospital the very next day. God’s hand kept and preserved her. He did not forget about her in her old age. Isaiah 46:4 says, “Even to your old age I will be the same, And even to your graying years I will bear you! I have done it, and I will carry you; And I will bear you and I will deliver you.” God is no respecter of persons and He does not become slack in His dealings with us simply because we are aged or have been diagnosed with an incurable disease. “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear…” Isaiah 59:1. With God, nothing is impossible to those who believe. If it is not the appointed time for us to go yet, God will help us to press through. He will comfort us through all our storms. In fact, just a few days before all of this happened, God gave me a dream.

I dreamed that my family and I was at Billie’s house looking out the window at a storm on the horizon. It got worse and worse until a tornado formed. I was concerned because, in my dream, Billie was not home but at the hospital. I feared the tornado would harm her. Then, as God sensed me fearing the worst, He spoke to me in my dream. He had me to take note of the tornado’s color – it was white. He reminded me that if a tornado was white that meant it was not picking up any debris or causing destructive damage. As I prayed, the tornado dissipated. Then, God spoke five words to me to calm my fears. He said, “It’s just a white tornado.”

As I awakened from my dream, I felt a strong sense that I needed to write about this dream. I decided to write a song about it to help others, not knowing that it was really for me. After I thought about it, I decided to write the song over the weekend. So, on my calendar for Saturday, I wrote these five words, “IT’S JUST A WHITE TORNADO.”  Little did I know that on this very Saturday, I would need to cling to those words for comfort, faith, and strength so I would not wither in this storm. I needed to be strong in faith for my Great-Aunt Billie. I couldn’t afford to doubt – I didn’t have that “luxury” at this tumultuous time. I must say, these five words which God so gently spoke into my spirit gave me great faith and comfort, and were a source of encouragement for the family during this time. I actually ended up writing the song before Saturday, which was a God-thing, since I’d need it then. How sweet He is to comfort us. He knows the future and provides us with the grace and faith to face it.


“It’s Just A White Tornado”

I look into the sky and see a fierce storm on the rise

It’s getting closer now; much closer than I realized

The winds blow, and pick up, and kick up the dust on the ground

Although it looks threatening, I have peace because I am safe and sound


It’s just a white tornado that’s approaching me; trying to make me lose my peace

But I take shelter under my Savior’s wings and, at His name, the storm must cease

This isn’t the kind that has the power to kill; it’s just a threat sent by the enemy

Jesus says, “Peace be still,” and it will; “This threat means nothing to Me.”

Where’s the proof of its power or its force? It’s picking up no debris

It’s just a threat sent by the enemy; but, with Jesus, I have the victory


Oft times in life, we encounter storms that shake us to the core

But, Jesus speaks peace to us and comforts us until the winds blow no more

Until then, He reminds us to notice that it’s just a threat

The enemy tries to make us fear, worry, doubt and fret

But, it’s just a white tornado



12 responses to “A Predestined Miracle

  1. this was absolutely beautiful, God has blessed you –or rather gifted you to write such things as this–you will be used to bring encouragement to many people—God bless you!!!

  2. trioduo says:

    Because he lives I can face tomorrow
    Beause he lives, all fear is gone
    Because I know he holds the future
    And life is worth the living just because he lives.
    These words assure me. Even as I was very stressed out studying for a major national exam, I felt much at ease upon listening to this song.

  3. Bonita Marie Williams says:

    I loved your blog (and the song lyrics)! What an awesome, personal, testimony of how God has worked in your family’s lives!! Your Aunt is very lucky to have loving & caring relatives like you and your family.
    Just recently a man’s(an aquaintance of mine) mother had a stroke and the Drs told the family she wouldn’t recover, Yesterday (7/4/12) she was sitting up in hospital bed and trying to talk! I guess The Doctor’s under estimated God’s love and healing power!

  4. Nikell says:

    This is absolutely beautiful;l! I was almost in tears as I read this post. God is so good!!!!!

  5. Susan says:

    Never thought I would be liking a “white tornado,” but I loved this one. God has been immensely great to Billie and all her family. I don’t know what I would have done without his comfort and strength. Every night since this happened, I cry myself to sleep praying and thanking God for everything He has done for us.

  6. Kimberly Dunn says:

    Awesome! I am soo glad our God is still in the miracle business! Praise Him!

  7. So beautiful! Our God is soooo good! Praise the Lord!

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