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The Brook and the Waterfall

on June 1, 2012

The brook and the waterfall both began their lives as raindrops. However, where each of them landed was vastly different. One raindrop landed gently in a peaceful brook, welcomed with sparkling beauty. The other raindrop landed miles away in a different body of water – a raging waterfall, to be exact. Here is the story of how the two met and the life each lived:

When the two raindrops were created by God, they were equals; but where they landed added a diversity of character to each. The raindrop that landed ever so gently in the babbling brook, almost as if in slow-motion, was serenely welcomed in – living a peaceable and easy life. Tourists and photographers were drawn to this brook because of her magnificent beauty. I suppose if the raindrop had a personality, she would be delighted to be a part of comprising such a wonderfully beautiful family where everything is always calm and at ease.

Now, let us journey a few miles south. As we approach – we hear before we see – the majestic waterfall. Much like the brook, the waterfall attracts many people to his home by his sheer beauty and power. However, the raindrop that fell into the waterfall has had a very different life from the other raindrop across town. He was hurled down out of the sky one stormy day and hit hard in his body of water. There was no warm welcome; for it was all about fighting for survival amidst the wind and lightning. Such a tumultuous way to begin life and live life – knowing that you were born fighting and continually struggling; knowing this would be your lot in life.

The body of water prepared this little storm-tossed raindrop for his future. They warned, “There is a one-thousand-foot drop ahead and we must flow down its mouth together.  Should one of us try to go alone as a single droplet, we would swiftly evaporate into the oblivious atmosphere.” Even though life was a hard fight, the power of unity was a lesson well-learned early in the life of the waterfall. The thought was, “If we can but survive a while longer, maybe life will be calmer after the fall of the one-thousand-foot drop.”

For the waterfall, there was no time to be bitter or to long for the easy life of the brook. This was the life that was given to him – and he had no choice but to live this life.  Little did he know that after he survived the one-thousand-foot drop, God would reward the earth with a rainbow, arching over the site of the fall. God would place the rainbow as if to put His stamp upon the sky of promise and a reminder that better days are ahead.

As the waterfall and the brook meander through the bends and channels of water, they meet one day, side-by-side in a sea.  Although they had such different beginnings, they were equals and working together to comprise this sparkling sea, now.  Sure, the waterfall droplet could have felt cheated that he had such a difficult life in the beginning, but no – he used it to help the droplet from the brook. You see, in the distance she saw a large sailboat chopping the waves of the sea and fast approaching. She trembled and cried out to the waterfall droplet, “Stand with me, for I am afraid to be tossed to and fro!” He gently but confidently told her, “You can do this; we can do this. You have never been given a chance to see your amazing potential to persevere and to test what you are made of. But I – – I have.  I have survived far worse than this and I know the strength God has given me. You, my brook, are about to discover yours. And when the waves calm again, you will be stronger and less fearful the next time the waves become unsettled and choppy.”  Those were the words of hope left echoing as the sailboat violently chopped through the water.  Perhaps the brook had a sweeter life at first, but now, which one had more courage and confidence? Maybe life didn’t always seem fair for the waterfall, but now, which one was able to offer more comfort, strength, and hope? Which one was better-equipped and unshakable?

Oftentimes, we feel we’ve been “dealt a bad hand” in life – but have we really? Would we have the same depth of character if life were always easy? Would we know the importance of unity, hope, and advancement if we always remained in the still yet stagnant waters of life? Perhaps life makes no sense – seemingly going from bad to worse; however, if we look at it from the waterfall’s perspective, it all somehow makes sense.


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  1. Wow! So awesome! Love it!

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